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Donald Trump Now Says He ‘Loves the Passion’ of Those Protesting Against Him

We saw yesterday that Donald Trump had a meltdown over people protesting against him, claiming they were paid to do so, and that this narrative has been maintained and promoted by Fox News.

He has since changed his tune, claiming in a tweet this morning that he can somehow harness this energy:

Perhaps somebody with two brain cells to rub together suggested to him that his earlier response was not the most, shall we say, presidential. Then again, Trump has a had of saying one thing and then saying something diametrically opposed to the previous utterance.

For example, Trump’s attitude towards protesters when Obama won in 2012 and his attitude toward protesters when he won in 2016, as pointed to by Miles Kahn, Executive Producer for Full Frontal with Samantha Bee:

Trump’s attitude toward anything is likely going to take some sorting out, not only by those trying to figure out what our President Elect is saying but by our President Elect himself.

Obviously, just insulting everyone is not going to work and Donald Trump is likely to remain a work in progress for a long, long time.

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