As Proof of Corrupt Regime to Come, Trump Adds Pam Bondi to Transition Team

The Washington Post‘s David Farenthold is reporting that Donald Trump, after having made an illegal contribution from his “foundation” to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, has now added her to his transition team – already full of lobbyists – making his purchase of Bondi complete.

Trump says the donation was a “mistake” but this latest move seems thoroughly intentional. The $25,000 gift was made in 2013 and Trump was penalized $2,500 by the IRS this year. At the time Bondi was considering a case against Trump University but she dropped the idea after Trump’s donation.

Watch Bondi praise Trump and condemn Hillary Clinton’s “lawlessness” at the RNC courtesy of The Washington Post:

So Bondi would not protect the citizens of her state from Trump’s rapaciousness and you can be sure neither she nor anybody else in Trump’s administration, will work any harder on behalf of any American. Trump says he only has the best people working for him. While this is not true, he will certainly have the most corrupt.