Trump Got Such Great Media Coverage By Bribing The Mainstream Press

Donald Trump got positive media coverage during his presidential campaign by bribing members of the press, according to a new book by Megyn Kelly.

According to Kelly, Trump got such great media coverage the old-fashioned way. He bribed them:

Some reporters and outlets appeared to be in Donald Trump‘s back pocket because they were. It wasn’t just the paid Trump employees that CNN put on their payroll and airwaves like Corey Lewandowski. Those individuals were the obvious examples. The ones that viewers, readers, and listeners never heard about were the journalists who took gifts from Trump or allowed themselves to be wooed.

Donald Trump brought his good press. Instead of doing their jobs and informing voters, journalists sold out. The corruption of the corporatized media has been a topic of discussion since being corporations bought news organizations and turned informing the public into a for-profit venture.

If Megyn Kelly is to be believed, the members of the press who earned Trump‘s wrath were those who turned down his gifts and wooing.

Democrats and the left long suspected that some members of the media were in the bag for Trump.

What they underestimated was the degree to which members of the press came wrapped for the president-elect in a Trump gift bag.