Ten Thousand Take to the Streets to Protest Donald Trump in Los Angeles

The largest anti-Trump protest to take place happened today in Los Angeles. The LA PD tweeted that “Approx. 8,000 protesters in #DTLA today exercising their 1st Amendment Right. No arrests have been made.” ABC News called it 10,000, and it certainly looks like the larger of the two numbers and then some.

Here are two views of the protests. As you can see, contrary to the claims of Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke, these are not anarchists and this is no riot. The first view comes courtesy of Anonymous:

The second view is from Huffington Post contributor Nathaniel Haas:

Finally, this third view will leave you in no doubt of the numbers involved:

People are not happy with the election of Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and these people are exercising their First Amendment right to make their voice heard, their numbers seen.

Donald Trump represents the forces of hate and repression, and increasing numbers of Americans are willing to stand up against everything he represents. Americans are saying no to Donald Trump.

Photo: Twitter @trueblacknews