Lewandowski Hasn’t So Much Quit His Job as Use Different Words to Describe His Role

Now that Donald Trump has won, his paid propaganda asset at CNN, media mole Corey Lewandowski, has seen greener pastures to be had in the corrupt Oval Office to come and tendered his resignation.

His resignation follows a visit to Trump Tower which followed a thank you tweet to America while still employed by CNN. He stayed at the network an entire three days following the election and his departure should be seen as unseemly hasty, though it matches the same amount of time CNN took to hire him after he “left” the Trump campaign.

As Ben Demiero at Media Matters explains,

Corey Lewandowski, former campaign manager for President-elect Donald Trump turned professional Trump propagandist for CNN, has resigned from the network amid reports that he is seeking a job in the new administration. His resignation just days after Trump’s win underlines the farcical nature of his employment as a “political commentator” for CNN during the election. And the nature of his exit — proactively resigning to potentially go back to officially working for Trump rather than being fired by CNN for obvious ethical reasons — should humiliate the network.

Should. But won’t. CNN cannot be humiliated. They would first have to realize they had done something appalling, deplorably unethical by “hiring” Lewandowski, who was, after all, being paid by Donald Trump to be there.

MSNBC’s Christopher Hayes had the perfect response to the news:

As Demiero put it, “There are plenty of other lowlights from Lewandowski’s CNN tenure” and there will no doubt be many more to come in whatever capacity Lewandowski ends up serving Trump.

To paraphrase Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson, because he never really stopped working for Trump, Lewandowski hasn’t so much quit his job as use different words to describe his role.