51% Of Non-White Hillary Clinton Supporters Don’t Accept Trump As The Legitimate President

The not my president movement is very real as a new Washington Post/ABC News poll found that more than half of non-whites who supported Hillary Clinton do not accept Donald Trump as the legitimate President Of The United States.
The Washington Post reported on a deeply divided post-election nation:

A 58 percent majority of Clinton supporters say they accept Trump’s election, while 33 percent do not. Questions about Trump’s victory are passionate — 27 percent of Clinton supporters feel “strongly” he did not win legitimately.

There are sharp racial and gender differences in Clinton supporters’ acceptance of the results. Only 18 percent of whites who supported Clinton say Trump is not the legitimate winner, identical to the public overall, but fully 51 percent of black, Hispanic and other nonwhite Clinton supporters say Trump’s victory was illegitimate. Women who supported Clinton are twice as likely as men to question the legitimacy of Trump’s victory, 42 vs. 21 percent.

The poll numbers are a textbook example of the presidential campaign chickens coming home to roost. Trump ran a race based campaign against non-white voters. Most of those voters are not going to accept him as president. Trump’s words about conduct towards women aren’t going to suddenly be forgotten now that he has won an election.

Donald Trump caused deep wounds within the fabric of this country and had less than zero interest in healing them.

It is ironic that a man who built his political career on questioning the legitimacy of one president (Obama), and ran a campaign for the White House whose sole intention was to salt the earth and ruin the legitimacy of another potential president (Hillary Clinton) finds his own legitimacy being questioned by a sizable percentage of US voters.

America was bitterly divided over the 2000 election, but that is nothing compared to the level of rejection of Donald Trump.

It looks like it is going to be a very long four years for president-elect Trump.

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