Jake Tapper Drops A Reality Bomb On Paul Ryan: Millions Are Terrified Of Trump’s Presidency

On CNN’s State Of The Union, host Jake Tapper hit Speaker of the House Paul Ryan with the reality that millions of Americans are terrified of Donald Trump’s presidency.



Tapper began the interview with Ryan by saying, “Before we begin talking about legislation and moving forward, I’m just wondering, there are millions of Americans out there, as I’m sure you know that there are millions of Americans who are frankly terrified about what a country under President Trump will mean for them.” Tapper asked Ryan if he had anything he wanted to say to them.

Speaker Ryan responded to the concerns of millions by discussing what appeared to be another planet and an entirely different presidential election. Rep. Ryan said, “First of all, I hate it that people feel this way. And second of all, they should not. I think people should be rest assured. America is a pluralistic country and inclusive country. It is. It has been, and it will continue to be.”

Ryan went on to claim that the racist incidents that are occurring after Trump’s election aren’t being carried out by “real Republicans,” and that these people aren’t wanted in the Republican Party.

Rep. Ryan’s answer highlighted the disconnect between the Republican establishment, who want to pretend like Donald Trump’s campaign wasn’t backed by racists, and the reality of who GOP elected to be the next president.

Tapper was correct to bring up the concerns of millions of Americans. The nation has not been this terrified since 9/11. If Ryan thinks that the country is going to suddenly care about the issues while millions live in fear, he is delusional.

Paul Ryan got hit with reality, and his answer showed both why people are scared, the looming rift that could blow up the Republican Party.