Three New Tweets Show Exactly Why Trump Will Be A Failure As President

Three new tweets from the president-elect show why Donald Trump is a failed president waiting to happen.

Trump’s Twitter stream is full of gloating over Republicans who didn’t support him calling to congratulate him, and attacks on The New York Times.

Yep, the president-elect isn’t laying out his vision for America. He spent part of his Sunday attacking one of the nation’s top newspapers:

Successful presidents don’t waste their time constructing misinformation campaigns against the nation’s free press.

The New York Times fired back to debunk Trump’s lies:

By the way, Trump most definitely did say that he thought that Japan should have nukes.

Trump will fail as president because has no interest in governing. It doesn’t matter whether it is his staff or Trump himself running the Twitter account, the attitude is the same. Trump and his staff are using the power of the White House to settle scores and enrich themselves than they are in helping the American people.

Donald Trump is behaving like a person who is made miserable by the idea of being president. He is treating the power of being the nation’s commander in chief as a new toy that he can use to spite his enemies.

Almost all of Trump’s campaign promises have had to be modified or dropped. Full Obamacare repeal isn’t going to happen. Trump won’t deport 11 million immigrants, and the wall is now going to be a fence. Since he won the election, Trump hasn’t mentioned his plan to launch a trade war by imposing tariffs on foreign goods, and he has generally modified every pledge that he has used to get support from his voters.

Trump isn’t president yet, but he has already failed to deliver on his promises.

Because his behavior and priorities are not going to change, Donald J. Trump is a failed president just waiting to happen.