House Republicans Kill Trump’s Wall And Mass Deportations In Less Than A Day

House Republicans came back to Washington, and the first thing that they did was kill Donald Trump’s wall with Mexico, and the president-elect’s plan for a mass deportation of immigrants.

The Huffington Post reported on House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s dismissal of Trump’s wall and deportations:

He then suggested a border security bill would be a priority, and that there would be a wall along some parts of the border and other parts would be dealt with differently “from a technology standpoint.”

In other words, the House majority leader does not foresee the construction of a 1,900-mile wall along the U.S.-Mexico border ― a key component of Trump’s platform.

McCarthy also suggested that Trump didn’t really mean what he said about another cornerstone of his campaign: mass deportations.

House Republicans just rolled back into town, took a look at Trump’s agenda, and removed two of his top four goals. There is not going to be a wall, and only immigrants with criminal records are going to be deported.

One can see the fight between the Trump White House and Congressional Republicans. The problem for Trump was always going to be that he doesn’t understand how the presidency works.

A Republican Congress won’t be a rubber stamp for Trump. It seems that Republicans in Congress are viewing Trump as their rubber stamp.

Donald Trump isn’t even in office yet, and the GOP honeymoon is already turning into a nightmare.