Top Democrat Pounces After Reckless Trump Tries To Jeopardize US Secrets

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD) is demanding answers after President-elect Donald Trump tried to jeopardize America’s biggest secrets by taking his son in law, who lacks national security clearance, into the President’s Daily Briefing.

In a letter to vice president-elect Mike Pence, Rep. Cummings wrote:


As the Congressman said, Trump is very cavalier about who should have access to the nation’s secrets. It is common sense that even a child can understand. People who do not have security clearance should not be sitting in on the president’s daily briefing. President-elect Trump is already making decisions that are jeopardizing national security.

The United States is not a monarchy. Donald Trump’s children by biology and marriage do not get access to all areas of the United States government because he won an election. The letter from Rep. Cummings is the first step in making sure that Trump doesn’t go unchallenged and unchecked.

With Republicans controlling Congress some liberals, progressives, and Democrats question the point of those who are trying to hold Trump accountable. Those people are missing a critical point. A government that does not hold the executive branch accountable is no longer a democracy.

Democrats are going to use their platform to shine a light on corruption, abuse, and violations of our democracy. In other words, members of Congress like Rep. Cummings are going to defend our nation when the task is at its most difficult.

Donald Trump is trying to destroy boundaries of security that keep our country’s intelligence secrets safe, which is why now more than ever, the nation needs Democrats to stand up, speak out, and hold the President-elect accountable.