Harry Reid Slams FBI Director As A ‘Republican Operative’ Who Handed Election To Trump

Harry Reid went straight after FBI Director James Comey on Thursday, calling him a “Republican operative” and saying that there’s “no question” Clinton would have been victorious last week without the bureau’s election meddling.


Reid said:

It’s easy to second-guess what Hillary did. I love Hillary Clinton, I’m sorry she lost. I did everything I could to help. And, you know, I could go through a litany of things – there is no question in mind, she would’ve won this election without any problem if Comey had not been the Republican operative that he is … He came out against what the attorney general had recommended, against what common sense dictates. He is the reason she lost the election … Comey, he can be fat and happy in his office there for seven more years after having thrown the election to Donald Trump.

Reid’s comments reflect how a large number of Democrats have felt since the end of the campaign when James Comey shocked the political world by inserting himself into the presidential race. At the time, Clinton had a substantial polling lead over Trump, but the numbers quickly tightened after Comey released his letter and remained that way until the end of the campaign.

While many Democrats are striking a conciliatory tone following last week’s election, Reid – who is approaching retirement – has come out guns blazing.

Last week, he quickly went after the president-elect following his stunning victory, saying that Trump is “a sexual predator who lost the popular vote.”

The Nevada Senator didn’t let up at all this week, taking to the Senate floor twice urging Democrats not to normalize Trump and the racist platform on which he campaigned. Just today, Reid expressed outrage at the rising number of hate crimes that has taken place since Trump’s victory and urged the president-elect to stand up to his supporters.

Harry Reid will be out of office soon, but he is showing Democrats exactly how to stand up to Donald Trump long after he’s gone.