The Lies Begin As Trump Takes Credit For Keeping Ford Plant In The US That Wasn’t Leaving

President-elect Donald Trump is making up fantasy accomplishments before he reaches the White House. Trump tweeted that has successfully kept a Ford plant from going to Mexico. The problem is that the plant was never going to leave.

Trump tweeted:

The problem with Trump’s claim is that the Ford plant wasn’t going to leave. Ford was shifting production from Michigan to Mexico to make room for the Michigan plant to make two new products. The plant was always staying. No jobs were going to be lost.

Reuters quoted CEO Mark Fields as saying, “We’re going forward with our plan to move production of the Ford Focus to Mexico, and importantly that’s to make room for two very important products we’ll be putting back into Michigan plants. There will be no job impact whatsoever with this move.”

Fortune reported that the Kentucky plant, like the Michigan plant, wasn’t going anywhere, ““We already have the plants and investment in other parts of the world. It frees us up to make further investments in the U.S.,” Fields said, pointing to the money invested to launch a new SuperDuty pickup at a plant in Kentucky.”

Trump is acting like he saved American jobs from going to Mexico, but the jobs were never going anywhere. Trump didn’t save anything because the jobs were not in jeopardy.

America had better get ready because Donald Trump’s fantasy presidency is off to a fast start.

Reality will not be a friend to the next occupant of the Oval Office.