Trump Has The Highest Unfavorable Rating Of Any President-Elect In The Last 24 Years

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:33 pm

There is no honeymoon for Donald Trump, as Gallup has found that the president-elect is the least popular winner of a presidential election in the last 24 years.

According to Gallup:


Trump has 10% favorable rating with Democrats, and a 39% favorable rating with Independents. Trump’s favorables were 15 points lower than Bill Clinton’s, 31 points worse than Barack Obama’s. Even within his own party, Trump is the least popular president-elect in recent history. Only 82% of Republicans hold a favorable view of Trump, which is six points lower than Clinton’s rating with Democrats in 1992, and 13 points lower than Obama’s in 2008.

Donald Trump isn’t getting a honeymoon, and when one considers that the pre-inaugural period is usually one of the high points of a president’s popularity, it is easy to foresee a scenario where Trump’s approval ratings plunge once he is in office.

The Trump agenda and the gutting of his campaign promises by Congressional Republicans are not to going to help his numbers. The Trump White House is going to find out that repealing the ACA will be more popular in theory than in practice. Once 22 million start losing their healthcare coverage, and millions more lose protection under the law, the popular tide will turn even more against Trump.

Never has a president began his term as unpopular as Donald Trump currently is. It is difficult for a president to lead the country when the vast majority of the nation has concluded that they don’t like you.

If Republicans thought it was bad for them under George W. Bush, wait until they get a load of the consequences that come with electing Donald J. Trump.

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