Popular Winds Are Blowing Against Trump As Democrats Are Viewed More Favorably Than GOP

A new Gallup poll found that Americans have a more favorable view of Democrats than they do of Republicans after Donald Trump won the White House.

According to Gallup, “Americans continue to view the Democratic Party more favorably than the Republican Party, with little evident change after the election that saw the GOP win the White House and keep control of both houses of Congress. In a Gallup survey conducted Nov. 9-13, 45% of Americans view the Democratic Party favorably, compared with 40% for the Republican Party….The Nov. 8 election does not appear to have changed Americans’ modestly more positive views of the Democratic Party, at least in the short term. Beginning in January, Republicans will add the White House to the branches of government under their control, providing the GOP with an opportunity to shift this image balance.”

With the exception of a brief period after the Republican victory in the 2014 midterms, Democrats have led in the Gallup poll for years. That is what makes the election results frustrating for many. Donald Trump didn’t win the popular vote. Republicans will come into office in 2017 with no mandate, and polling consistently shows that Democrats are viewed more favorably than Republicans.

The voters are out there for Democrats, but they don’t seem to be activated and properly mobilized. Perhaps, the Democratic Party’s problem is geographic. Maybe the problem is messaging and organization. Most likely, it is a variety of factors that are leading to the favorable feelings not translating to votes.

The political reality facing Republicans is that they won an election, but they haven’t won over the country. It isn’t difficult to see a scenario where things go badly under the Trump for Republicans, and an outraged electorate swings back to the Democratic Party. America’s recent electoral history has been one of volatility and turbulence.

Donald Trump isn’t getting a honeymoon period, and the nation has not been swayed towards the Republican Party.

What started off a surprising win in 2016 could be looked at as sowing the seeds for future disaster in the years to come.