Journalists Warn That Trump’s Attack On Hamilton Suggests Plan To Suppress Free Speech

Journalists are expressing concern that President-elect Donald Trump’s tweets attacking the cast of Hamilton are a signal of how the next president intends to suppress free speech.

Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine tweeted:

Maggie Haberman of The New York Times tweeted:

Ryan Lizza of The New Yorker tweeted:

Journalists understand that the point of Trump’s tweets about the cast of Hamilton were to intimidate and shut them up. The president-elect demonstrated that he has no respect for free speech, whether it be the booing of a crowd or the words of an opponent. The cast of Hamilton was not harassing Mike Pence. They told the crowd not to boo their guest.

The message that future President Trump was sending with his tweets was clear. Anyone who voices displeasure with or opposition to the Trump administration will be attacked and smeared. Trump’s disrespect for the constitutional rights of the American people should place all citizens on alert.

Trump’s Hamilton tweets weren’t an outburst. They were a warning about the free speech suppression that is yet to come.

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