Obama To Get Revenge For GOP Obstruction By Leading The Resistance Against Trump

There is a Trump resistance movement building among Obama loyalists, and President Obama himself will be joining the organized push back against Trump after Inauguration Day.

Politico reported on the efforts by Obama staff to build a Trump resistance. What was most interesting was the support they are getting from the current president:

“The president is committed to staying in touch with this group with some regularity in the months and years ahead,” Obama’s former campaign manager David Plouffe told OFA members on the call. In fact, Plouffe added, after the disastrous election results, “We’ll have to do it a little more frequently.”


For some, it’s been hard to tolerate Obama’s measured tone about Trump, when they see so much at stake. He has acknowledged that he’s biting his tongue to help facilitate a smooth transition, but has promised to rejoin the fight after Inauguration Day.

“I’ve got all kinds of thoughts and ideas about it, but this isn’t the best time to share them,” Obama said. “Point is, I’m still fired up and I’m still ready to go.

President Obama is fulfilling his current duty of delivering a smooth transition of power to the next administration, but one he returns to being a private citizen, the soon to be former president plans to join the fight against Trump.

Watching Obama campaign for Hillary Clinton, it was clear that the President was aching to take on Trump himself. Some of the most effective speeches of the entire presidential campaign came from the President and First Lady Obama.

As a former president, the traditional protocol has been that Obama will not be the face of criticism against the new administration. Obama is likely to use his power to organize the resistance against Trump and to help his party rebuild its infrastructure.

Obama’s post-presidential activities will offer the opportunity for poetic justice. For eight years as president, Obama was obstructed by the right that resisted his every move. Now, it will be his turn to return to his grassroots and build opposition to the Trump administration.

Barack Obama isn’t going to stand by and let his accomplishments be undone. Obama will be joining the fight against Trump, and the fruits his labor can only serve to strengthen the Democratic Party.