Twitter Absolutely Destroys the #BoycottHamilton Movement

So yes, this is a thing: #BoycottHamilton. You know, because the audience exercised its First Amendment right of free speech and booed our vice president-elect, Mike Pence, who, by the way, has also been booed at baseball game in his home state.

So let’s boycott Indiana too, conservatives.

This boycott is rather silly as has been pointed out on that selfsame Twitter.

Actor/comedian and Twitter wit John Fugelsang scores an excellent point when he tweets,

Mrs. Betty Bowers provides a helpful Venn diagram to illustrate the problem faced by the boycotters:

There are practical problems to be faced as well, as in how do you boycott something you can’t get tickets for because it’s sold out until next August?

Because this:

Work that math out…oh, wait…math, math Republicans do…never mind.

But hey, there are plenty of people willing to take tickets off the hands of those who no longer want them.

And then, not to be snarky…well yes, to be snarky, there is this not so little consideration:

Look, as ideas go, boycotting Hamilton is pretty stupid, for all the reasons given above. For one thing, the president-elect is wrong. People have a right to their opinion. People other than Donald Trump, that is.

For another, the show is wildly popular and a bunch of people who wouldn’t be going in the first place saying they won’t go isn’t going to hurt the play. But have fun with your protest. The rest of us will.

All the cast of Hamilton did was ask Mike Pence to defend our rights, as he will be sworn to do (what were they thinking?). Meanwhile, we’ll be waiting for Donald Trump to apologize to a disabled man for making fun of him.

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