Talk Radio Propagandist Laura Ingraham Confirms She’s Being Considered For Trump WH

On Fox News Sunday, Laura Ingraham confirmed that she is being considered as Trump White House Press Secretary.

This is the same Ingraham who said, “Republican Party belongs To Trump now.” So that doesn’t bode well for Republicans, given the already disturbing direction of the Trump team.

Video of Ingraham on Fox News Sunday:

As already pointed out in these pages when first the rumor circulated, “Any views which do not agree with her own racist views are ‘toxic’ and ‘revile the American experience.’ We can only assume by this she means the ‘KKK’ experience. A long-time critic of immigration reform, called Puerto Ricans ‘immigrants’ rather than citizens.”

Laura Ingraham, was widely accused of having given a Nazi salute to the Trump family section at the conclusion of her 2016 Republican National Convention speech in Cleveland. Watch here:

A gif in case you missed it:

Yes, many politicians make this same mistake with a rogue wave gone wrong, but taken with Trump’s pro-eugenics beliefs, support of the KKK and neo-Nazis, and now White House team of white supremacists, it’s a bit more disturbing than when it happened.

If you’ve ever wondered about the difference between the Left wing of the Democratic Party and the Right wing of the Republican Party, wonder no more. The Right wing is in charge of the Republican Party; whereas the Left wing of the Democrat Party is kept well under wraps.

Remember how President Obama had to distance himself from Reverend Wright, whose inflammatory rhetoric from a 2003 sermon was far less egregious than the constant racism, xenophobia, and misogyny of Donald Trump’s chosen Chief White House Strategist, Steve Bannon? President Obama couldn’t even be seen with Wright, but Bannon has a job in the Trump White House.

Jonathan Capehart made this point in the Washington Post, “The ensuing controversy put Obama’s presidential campaign on life support. It took a beautifully nuanced speech on race about a week after the sermon surfaced to save his White House ambitions. Because of other sermons that surfaced and Wright’s negative reaction to the harsh spotlight, Obama disavowed Wright and resigned his membership in the church.”

One of the things Democrats are going to need to change is this way they have of disavowing their own in order to appeal to the relentless outrage machine on the Right. No, I’m not suggesting Obama was wrong, Obama had to do what he did. He didn’t have the luxury of being White and therefor Right. Moral smugness can’t offer cover for media perception for minorities, that is a privilege of white straight men and the minorities who agree with them.

Watch the media accept and normalize Donald Trump’s cabinet of hate, and then ask yourself what this would look like if Obama or Clinton had done the same thing.

Democrats could learn something from the Right’s boldness, so long as they keep it in check and don’t become extremists like the Right.

Perhaps what Trump is doing will be the kill shot for the far Right, but that should have come after Bush and again after Palin and again after the Tea Party violence of 2010. It really should have come after the Republican primary circus of 2012 and again in 2016. But the media is propping up the party of white nationalists and women haters. Both sides, ya’ know?

So prepare yourself for the sneering Laura Ingraham selling America on Trump’s Alt-Right White version of America.