Megyn Kelly Drops A Bomb And Confirms That The Media Was Secretly In The Bag For Trump

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:34 pm

During an interview on Fox News’s Media Buzz program, Megyn Kelly accused several members of the media of coordinating “hits” on Trump with his campaign, while secretly being in the bag for the Republican nominee.


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In her book, Kelly claims that certain television hosts were in the tank for Trump. These hosts would arrange with Trump in advance to ask him critical questions to certain hits on him so that they would appear to have some credibility. Kurtz asked Kelly about this, and she answered, “Yes, they were acting.” Kurtz added that Kelly claims that this happened at more than one network, but she couldn’t tell us who. Kelly continued, “No, because these are off the record conversations that I was privy to that I’m not at liberty to reveal, so while I’d love to tell you who it was, I have this information, and I’m not allowed to name the names. But, trust me. This did happen, and it has been confirmed to me by more than one television executive.”

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If what Kelly is saying is true, it is not only a big story, but it would also help to make sense of the lopsided media coverage during the 2016 election. One would suspect that Fox News on-air talent would be pulling for Trump. They are the conservative news network, but the fact that this could have happened at other networks would not be surprising. Anyone who closely watched the 2016 election coverage understood that Hillary Clinton’s policy proposals were ignored, and the only time she ever got more coverage than Trump was at the Democratic convention, or when the media was talking about her health or emails.

It would not take many members of the press at many networks to create a fake credibility that would allow them to appear to be criticizing the candidate while also helping him win the election. The issue isn’t that members of the press would have personal biases. The problem is that the members of the media lied to their viewers to secretly help Donald Trump win the election.

No wonder the mainstream media suddenly worried about Facebook and fake news. If what Megyn Kelly said is true, the corporate press is looking to blame Facebook to cover up their conspiring with Donald Trump to hand him a presidential election.

Confidence in the mainstream media has eroded to new lows, and allegations like those that Megyn Kelly made are one of the biggest reasons why many Americans no longer trust the corporate owned for profit press.

There is something very wrong in our media, and the American people deserve to know the truth about a press that they no longer trust.

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