Alec Baldwin Tells Trump ‘no more equal time. Now u try 2 b Pres + ppl respond’

Donald Trump didn’t like SNL making fun of him, demonstrating to one and all that the big tough guy Republicans voted for is afraid of free speech.

Ironic coming from a guy who claimed to “tell it like it is.” Apparently, if other people tell it like it is, apologies are in order. Thus Trump has proved he is not only a hypocrite and dishonest, but he’s is that thing he says he likes to grab.

Never fear, however, for Alec Baldwin has offered some advice to the president-elect, tweeting in response to Trump’s prolonged whine and demand for equal time,

Baldwin is right. The election is over and there is no more “equal time.” All there is now, as Baldwin advised, is to “try 2 b Pres + ppl respond.” Try being the operative word, of course. But Baldwin wasn’t through sending helpful advice:

If Trump really wants equal time from the media, he is going to have to get used to people lying about what he says rather than accurately repeating it. That would be a new experience for him.

Truly, when you think about what President Obama has endured during his two terms as president, from people who don’t like him based solely on his skin color, you realize what a weakling Trump is. With an ego that fragile, you have to wonder how he is going to get through four years.

Alec Baldwin has explained to Donald Trump how free speech works. And the one person in the world who does not have a right to complain about “equal time” is Donald Trump, who enjoyed incredibly lopsided media coverage at the expense of his rival.

Get to work, Mr. President-Elect. As Alec Baldwin said, we’ll handle the response.