CNN Reaches New Low After Debating Whether Trump Should Admit Jews Are People


CNN hasn’t exactly been a shining example of quality journalism over the past year, but on Monday they sunk even lower by debating whether Donald Trump should take the “risk” of denouncing neo-Nazis.

In the segment, CNN host Jim Sciutto referred to alt-right leader Richard Spencer’s recent comments in which Spencer said, “One wonders if [Jews] are people at all, or instead soulless golem.”

Instead of acknowledging just how horrid Spencer’s comment are and demanding that Trump denounce them, Sciutto and RealClearPolitic’s Rebecca Berg decided to ask what they apparently thought was the more important question: Is it worth it for Trump to publicly reject this type of rhetoric?



Berg even said that there is an “inherent risk” for Trump if he decides to reject this anti-Semitic rhetoric, so he may just want to stay silent and let his supporters fan the flames of hatred.

Memo to CNN (and other cable news networks): not everything is up for debate and not everything should be looked at through the prism of politics.

The sky is blue. Climate change is real. Jewish people deserve to be respected as human beings – especially by a president-elect.

Just because a neo-Nazi Trump supporter spewed that nonsense doesn’t mean it’s a valid argument. There are not two sides to the “debate” about whether Jews are worthy of being called human beings.

This is also a case when politics really shouldn’t matter. CNN may be concerned about the risk Trump would take by denouncing this hatred, but most of us are concerned about why it’s a risk in the first place.

What does that say about the president-elect? What does it say about his supporters?