This Is Why People Don’t Trust The Media: TV Networks Hold Off The Record Meeting With Trump

Television network bosses fueled the public’s distrust of their reporting by going to Trump Tower and holding a secret off the record meeting with President-elect.

The television networks present included representatives of CNN, NBC, CBS, and Fox.

Here is a tweet of the Trump pool report:

NBC’s Chuck Todd and Lester Holt were there, as were ABC’ Martha Raddatz and George Stephanopoulos. It is important for citizens and news consumers to ask themselves why are network executives and on-air talents like Wolf Blitzer, Charlie Rose, and John Dickerson attending off the record meetings with the President-elect?

Donald Trump has not held a press conference in months or issued an official public statement since winning the election. The last thing that the media should be doing is traipsing to Trump Tower with their hats in their hands for an off the record meeting.

As a matter of comprehensive disclosure, the media taking part in off the record meetings is wrong no matter who matter if the president is a Democrat or a Republican. Unless it is a matter of informant safety, reporting should be done on the record as often as possible.

The on-air talent that interacts directly with the viewer should never be attending off the record meetings with the president.

Megyn Kelly appears to have been correct. There are segments of the press who are in the tank for Donald Trump. The press didn’t hold Trump accountable during the election, and now they are conspiring with him to whitewash the coverage of his presidency.

The corporate press is showing why it can’t be trusted, and the American people would be wise to rely on them for all of their information.