Trump Team Claims President-Elect Is Too Busy To Hold Press Conference And Talk To America

Donald Trump’s team is claiming that he is too busy to hold a press conference and answer questions from journalists.

Jennifer Epstein of Bloomberg tweeted Kellyanne Conway’s reason for why Trump has not held a press conference:

Conway forgot to mention the substantial amount of time that the president-elect has devoted to attacking the cast of Hamilton and complaining about Saturday Night Live as reasons why he has yet to hold a press conference and take real questions from political reporters.

It is pretty easy what the plan is. Trump is going to dodge holding a real press conference until after he has taken the oath of office. There is a fair chance that as soon as the American people hear Trump answer questions from reporters, buyer’s remorse will set in. The only way for Trump to keep 60%-70% of the country from turning against him before he takes office is to keep a low profile, and his mouth shut.

Trump isn’t too busy to talk to the press. Those around him have realized that public silence, outside of Twitter, is their key to political survival.

It wouldn’t be surprising at all if Trump never held a legitimate press conference. The media got Trump elected by never holding him accountable. As President, there is nothing to compel him to serve the public and do what is right.

Donald Trump presidency could rewrite all the rules governing executive power in a dangerous way that everyone should have seen coming but did nothing about.

The lack of press conferences may only be the beginning of lack of accountability that comes with President Donald Trump.