Donald Trump Booed In Public As He Leaves Meeting With The New York Times

The media sold the reaction to leaving his meeting with The New York Times as cheers, but the video shows Trump being booed in public in New York City.


CBS News tweeted this clip as “Donald Trump is greeted with cheers as he leaves meeting with the New York Times.” However, the CBSN began the narration of the clip by saying that Trump was cheered, which was true if you ignore all of the boos. By the end of the video, the CBSN anchor changed his description, “Alright, so a mix of cheers, and some boos, I think.”

There were some people cheering for Trump, but there were also some people booing. It was disingenuous for CBS to tweet the story as Donald Trump being cheered. Trump was booed. It is virtually unprecedented in modern American political history for a president and vice president-elect to be booed while appearing in public.

Instead of trying to whitewash away the boos, the mainstream media should be discussing them. The boos that greeted Donald Trump are a sign of the division within the country. Each person who boos Trump or Pence is voicing their disapproval of the new administration.

The jeers are an important development that should not be swept under the rug by the corporate media. The president-elect getting booed is a really big deal. The press isn’t going to make our national divisions vanish by pretending that voices of displeasure and dissent don’t exist.

The American people need an honest media, and downplaying displeasure over Trump is not trustworthy behavior.