Trump Facing Major Backlash From Supporters Over Broken Promise To Imprison Clinton


Each day since Donald Trump secured an electoral college victory on Nov. 8, the president-elect has shown America just how big a scam his campaign was.

The latest example came on Tuesday when Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway admitted that his promise to appoint a special prosecutor and throw Hillary Clinton in jail was, well, sort of just a political stunt to rile up his crowds and win votes.

Repeatedly, Trump had said Clinton was “crooked” and he would move quickly to take legal action against her if he won the election. At the second debate, he even said – to Clinton’s face – that she would be in jail if he were in the White House.

Now, just two weeks after Trump secured the required 270 electoral votes to become the next commander-in-chief, he has fully abandoned that promise (among others), and some of his biggest supporters aren’t happy.


Earlier today, Breitbart – the organization once led by Trump advisor and white supremacist Steve Bannon – plastered this devastating headline on their propaganda site:

Breitbart’s Senior Editor-At-Large, Joel Pollak, called Trump’s decision to back away from jailing Clinton a “betrayal” and said it “bodes ill for other promises.”

Those sentiments were echoed by another right-wing organization, Judicial Watch. The group’s president, Tom Fitton, tweeted this out earlier today:

In Judicial Watch’s official response, they called Trump’s flip-flop “a betrayal of his promise to the American people to ‘drain the swamp’ of out-of-control corruption in Washington, DC.”

Even South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham was upset by Trump’s sudden change of heart, calling it “a mistake” not to waste more tax dollars on a Clinton witchhunt.

“So much for ‘lock her up,’ I guess,” Graham said on Fox News:

Kellyanne Conway and others in the Trump circle are now trying to frame all of this as an example of the president-elect attempting to heal the country, but we know better than that.

Trump has proven over and over again during his short political career that literally everything is negotiable to him. He will step on whoever he wants and say whatever it takes if it advances his selfish goals.

In this case, he spent over a year campaigning on a series of lies – he’ll build a Mexico-funded wall, totally repeal the Affordable Care Act, and lock Hillary Clinton up – in order to win an election. Now that he has, he doesn’t need those empty promises any longer.

Most Americans saw through this, but the rest of voters – the minority who cast their ballots for Trump – want to know what the heck happened to the unhinged man they proudly voted for.

Memo to Trump supporters: This is who Trump has been all along – a guy who says and does whatever it takes to get where he wants to go.