Trump Hit With Thanksgiving Surprise As Green Party Files For Recount In WI, MI, and PA

With calls from election security experts growing, the Green Party has announced that they will be filing for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to help Hillary Clinton win an election that they believe was hacked.

Investigative journalist Greg Palast reported:

Jill Stein just called to say that I am the first one to be informed that the Green Party is formally petitioning for a recount in 3 states, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Trump’s margin is less than 11,600 in Michigan, 27,200 in Wisconsin and 68,000 in Pennsylvania.

If just a few thousand votes are found in Wisconsin and Michigan, Hillary Clinton becomes president by 276 electoral votes verses 264 for Trump.

Stein told me “We’re filing in Wisconsin Friday because the votes were cast on proven hack-prone machines. This has been a hack-ridden election.” She said that it will be most difficult to recount the machines in Pennsylvania. When asked why the democrats are not bringing this action, Stein told this reporter that “Democrats do not act to protect the vote even when there is dramatic evidence” of tampering.

In this instance, Jill Stein is correct. Democrats in the Clinton/Gore wing of the party have demonstrated an unwillingness to fight questionable election results. Obama was different. He was very pro-active both as a candidate and as president when it came to dealing with issues of voting and the integrity of the election system.

Stein is firmly in the camp that believes the election was hacked. Election experts are calling on Hillary Clinton to request a recount because it is possible that something was amiss with this election. So far, the Clinton campaign has not made a move towards challenging the results in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. If Clinton doesn’t do it, Jill Stein will.

The American people deserve to know that the truth about the 2016 election. If the election was clean, that needs to be confirmed. If the election was tampered with, a recount is a must.

What’s clear though is that the Green Party has just dropped a Thanksgiving surprise on Trump and the Republican Party that will be well worth watching in the weeks to come.

Image: Democracy Now