A Black Friday For Trump As Jill Stein Officially Files For A Recount In Wisconsin

Jill Stein and the Green Party have officially filed a request to have the ballots in the 2016 presidential election is Wisconsin recounted.

The official Wisconsin Elections Commission Twitter account tweeted:

There was some concern after Stein increased the goal of the fundraising account, and changed the fine print in her appeal that she might not follow through with the recount request, but the recount will move forward. Stein plans to also request recounts in Michigan and Pennsylvania. As of this writing, her recount effort has raised over $5.2 million of a stated $7 million goal.

Anyone who remembers the 2000 election will recall that recounts aren’t cheap, so Stein is going to need every dollar that she can get for this effort.

Donald Trump and the Republican Party may have been handed a Black Friday that they will never forget. Never mind the long lines of Christmas shoppers looking for a deal. A real Black Friday has arrived for the GOP, as an election result that surprised almost everyone is about to be given the official scrutiny that it deserves.