Donald Trump Owns a Stake in the Dakota Access Pipeline

Like Republicans before him, Donald Trump has a conflict of interest where pipelines are concerned. We all remember the interest of certain Republicans in Congress where the Keystone XL pipeline was concerned. It wasn’t going to actually create any jobs, but it was going to make them a whole bucket full of money.

Likewise Donald Trump and the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) over which so many Native Americans are at this very moment being brutalized by law enforcement agencies and private security contractors.

Since the project is worth $3.8 billion, you can bet the Sioux of Standing Rock are not going to get a fair shake from the president-elect. Trump’s 2016 federal disclosure forms show him owning $15,000 to $50,000 stock in Energy Transfer Partners.

That’s not all: Trump is also invested to the tune of $100,000 and $250,000 in Phillips 66, which owns 1/4 of ETP. It is easy to see why Sharon Buccino the Natural Resources Defense Council says,

“Trump’s investments in the pipeline business threaten to undercut faith in this process — which was already frayed — by interjecting his own financial well-being into a much bigger decision.”

Really, the Dakota Access Pipeline represents a confluence of corrupt Republican sources, with former Texas Gov. Rick Perry serving on ETP’s board of directors.

What could possibly go wrong? Pretty much everything. The Republican administration of Donald Trump is set to economically rape America, and Trump is already lining up his pocket-filling from Trump Tower.

The Associated Press reports being told by Kelcy Warren, CEO of Dallas-based Energy Transfer, who donated to Trump’s campaign and to a committee “supporting Trump’s candidacy that, “he expects Trump to make it easier for his company and others to complete infrastructure projects.”

“Do I think it’s going to get easier? Of course.”