In His Most Unpresidential Moment Yet, Trump Claims Millions Illegally Voted For Clinton

In his most unpresidential moment yet, President-elect Trump took to Twitter to push a conspiracy theory with no evidence to support it, that millions of people illegally voted for Hillary Clinton.

Trump tweeted:

For those who are keeping score at home:

Number of Trump tweets about the recount: 12

Number of Trump tweets about post-election hate crimes: 0

As a candidate, Trump would make things up constantly on his Twitter account, and people would laugh because he seemed like a nutty old guy ranting on Twitter. That “nutty old guy” is now the president-elect, and the next President Of The United States appears to believe that millions of people illegally voted for his opponent in the last election.

The beliefs that Trump expressed aren’t those of a president. Presidents don’t cast doubts upon the electoral process of the country that they have been elected to govern. Donald Trump is expressing views that are often shared by authoritarians and dictators that form the basis of their justification for their purge of political enemies.

The next President Of The United States has invented a conspiracy theory to make himself feel better about losing the popular vote.

Hopefully, Electoral College electors are watching this stunning behavior unfold, and they are coming to the conclusion that putting Donald Trump in the White House would endanger the United States of America.