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Trump And Pence Bribe Carrier With Massive Taxpayer-Funded Giveaway To Score PR Win

Last updated on July 17th, 2023 at 09:37 pm

Donald Trump is expected to visit Indiana on Thursday to announce that he has struck a deal with United Technologies to keep almost 1,000 Carrier jobs in Indiana, CNBC reported.

The president-elect is likely to claim that his great dealmaking skills are responsible for making the agreement happen, but what he won’t say is that United Technologies – Carrier’s parent company – was basically bribed with taxpayer dollars to keep a few hundred jobs in Indiana – and it had nothing to do with Trump himself.

Tweet from CNBC’s David Faber:

According to CNBC, “There were new incentives on offer from the state of Indiana, where Pence is governor, that helped clear a path for the agreement.”

In other words, Pence served up a massive, taxpayer-funded handout to the company in order to score a short-term PR win. Trump will claim victory on Thursday when, really, it was a state-funded handout that convinced Carrier to keep some of its employees in the state.

The deal also represents a huge departure from Trump’s campaign-season rhetoric, when he repeatedly promised to take a tough stance on companies, specifically Carrier which Trump promised to penalize with a 35 percent tariff if they moved operations to Mexico.

Trump and Pence allowed the company to blackmail the Indiana government in order to have a nice photo-op.

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