MSNBC’s Morning Joe Outed As Pro-Trump Propaganda Outlet

MSNBC has a major conflict of interest as Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough is advising Donald Trump and has not disclosed this fact to viewers. In essence, the MSNBC morning program is giving viewers a dose of pro-Trump propaganda, without providing adequate to disclosure of their relationship with the president-elect.

Angelo Carusone tweeted:

CNN’s Chris Cuomo followed up with confirmation:

The problem is that Joe Scarborough, Morning Joe, and MSNBC have yet to disclose on the air that their morning program host is also advising the president-elect. Without this disclosure, some viewers may not know that they are being fed propaganda that is coming straight from a Trump adviser.

What is happening on Morning Joe is a serious conflict of interest. It is fine if Scarborough wants to advise Trump, but it is not okay to leave viewers in the dark about the morning hosts’ closeness to the president-elect.

Mainstream and corporate media outlets wonder why the American public’s trust in them has fallen to an all-time low. If the mainstream press wants to be trusted, they must behave in an above board trustworthy manner. Hiding a relationship with the president-elect while broadcasting a three-hour morning show that is supposed to be news is not behavior that inspires trust in viewers.

Fox News’ Megyn Kelly warned that there were members of the media who were pretending to be tough on Trump, but who were secretly in the bag for him the whole time.

MSNBC is allowing this conflict of interest to happen, and the network is turning over weekday morning airtime to a program that has a serious conflict of interest.

Viewers be warned. If you watch Morning Joe, you are likely to be fed a dose of pro-Trump messaging. Anyone looking for objective news and information to start their day would be wise to watch with skepticism if they choose to tune into MSNBC’s Morning Joe.