US Veterans May Be Screwed As Trump Eyes Sarah Palin To Head Veterans Affairs

In what could be devastating news for US veterans, Sarah Palin is under consideration to head Veterans Affairs in the Trump administration.

ABC News reported:

Concerns were raised that Palin didn’t know enough about policy to run the Interior Department. Let’s face it; Palin has never had an energy policy outside of repeating drill, baby drill at rallies and speeches. If there were worries that Palin knew nothing about energy, which is supposed to her area of expertise, imagine how little she knows about veterans issues. Just because she has a son who was in the military does not make her an expert on veterans issues.

America has a wide range of issues confronting our vets. From jobs to health care to finding homes and the ongoing problem of veterans’ suicides. There are serious matters that need to be dealt with by a competent administration who knows and understands the problems that our vets are facing.

The word competent has never been used to describe Sarah Palin without an (in) in front of it.

Palin would be an unmitigated disaster, but she would fit the pattern of many Trump nominees. Donald Trump has embraced a philosophy of do the most harm with most of his cabinet selections. Trump selected an opponent of public education to run the Education Department. He chose a man who wants to cut Medicare and Social Security to head up HHS, and he nominated a Senator to serve as Attorney General who has made a career of out of undermining rights and civil liberties of minorities.

Sarah Palin is completely unqualified, but her nomination would be par for the course. Trump is choosing his nominees based on loyalty, not competence.

If he nominated Sarah Palin to run Veterans Affairs, America’s vets might be totally screwed.