The White House Just Obliterated Trump’s Jobs Carrier Stunt With A Giant Fact Bomb

The White House responded to Donald Trump keeping 1,000 jobs in the US by dropping a huge fact bomb that showed just how little Trump has accomplished compared to President Obama.

The Hill reported that Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that the White House was pleased that the jobs were staying, then he added:

“If [Trump] is successful in doing that 804 more times, then he will meet the record number of manufacturing jobs” created during Obama’s eight years in office.

Earnest went further, saying that the roughly 800,000 jobs he cited were new jobs created under Obama’s watch. He said the president protected “more than a million” additional manufacturing jobs in the Midwest with his bailout of the auto industry.

“The one difference would be the president-elect is talking about protecting jobs,” he said. “The metric I’m using is actually creating jobs.”

What the White House didn’t mention, but is also true is that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have now set a precedent in their dealings with Carrier that every CEO in the United States is going to use. Trump better be prepared to for a flood of companies demanding tax cuts and concessions or they will take jobs out of the United States. Trump and Pence won’t care if their PR ploy sets off a binge of ransoming local and state governments across the country.

The incentives that Trump and Pence offered Carrier have to be paid for by someone. The people who will be forced to pick up the tab will be the taxpayers in Indiana, but when corporations pay less in taxes, the tax burden gets passed along to the residents in the community. If a local company’s taxes go down, yours will most likely go up, because as they say, there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

The White House was correct. Trump is making a big deal out of accomplishing nothing. The odds are that the Carrier deal was a one-time only publicity stunt. Trump is not going to try to replicate what happened with Carrier.

Donald Trump is a master at creating fantasies, but what President Obama has done is real world dose of reality that bursts Trump’s bubble. America doesn’t need a few jobs saved. It needs more jobs created, and on that front, Trump remains a man without a plan.