Trump Finally Spoke In Public As President-Elect At Carrier Plant And It Was A Total Disaster

During the Carrier event, the President-elect was borderline incoherent as he used his remarks to praise himself, and stick a thumb in the eye of Republicans who opposed him during the Republican primary in Indiana.

Full video of Trump’s remarks:

Trump used his remarks to praise himself for picking Mike Pence. He complained about Republicans opposing him in the Indiana primary. Trump noticed somebody’s hat in the crowd. He also admitted that he had no intention of actually saving any jobs at Carrier.

It is easy to understand now why the Trump team has been hiding the president-elect from the public. Trump is in way, way, way over his head.

Other journalists noticed that Trump was rambling:

Trump said that there would be consequences for companies that try to leave the United States:

The Carrier deal demonstrates that those consequences include giving companies millions of dollars and still allowing them to send jobs out of the United States. Trump kept repeating that the Carrier deal would save 1,000 or more jobs, but the reality is that it is saving 800 jobs, with 1,300 going to Mexico.

Trump also continued to vow to build his wall, even though Republicans in Congress have made it clear that the wall is DOA.
Donald Trump should be kept out of the public eye as much as possible. He remains unable to string a complete string of thoughts together. If the majority of American voters had voted for Trump, they would be experience buyer’s remorse after listening to him speak in Indiana.

A small group of about 100,000 voters in three swing states elected a president who is living on a different planet from the majority of the country.

The first public remarks of Donald J. Trump as president-elect were a total disaster.