Friday Fox Follies – The Fox “News” Administration Shapes Up

As this week’s Friday Fox Follies is being compiled, collated, and reported, Fox “News” is gushing over Donald Trump’s “Victory Tour”, which everyone is pretending is really a “Thank You Tour” because that’s what Trump prefers. Conversely — in an unfair and imbalanced way, of course — Fox has insisted President Obama was on an Apology Tour since Day One.

Yesterday, as Trump was touring the Carrier A/C plant, Fox covered it like the Liberation of Paris. What the Fox Meat Puppets won’t report is how Trump promised he’d never use taxpayer dollars to keep jobs in the country. Nor will you hear the following:

Economists Take Shots At Trump After He
Bribed Carrier Into Keeping Jobs In The U.S.

While Fox Gushes Over Trump And The 1,000
Carrier Jobs Saved, Don’t Forget How Much They
Hated President Obama Saving 1.5 Million Auto Jobs

Fox is also on a Victory Tour of sorts. The network has long wanted to be a King Maker and help elect a president. With Trump’s win they may have elected an entire administration and cabinet. Rachel Maddow makes the undeniable point:

One Foxite worries that Trump could clean out the entire network, as troubling questions arise about Trump’s other potential picks.

With Trump’s election Fox may not have to endure any more sniping from the Oval Office (unless he goes on an anti-Megyn Kelly tirade again). This week President Obama rightly told Rolling Stone that one factor that may have helped Trump is Fox is on in every bar and restaurant in the heartland. Not surprisingly, Fox took exception, and the president’s quote out of context, by pretending he blamed Fox alone, as opposed to the other factors Obama has also mentioned.

THE WHITE WING NEWS NETWORK: Now that White Supremacists appear to have taken over the White House, will Fox follow suit? Just asking. Fox already has a track record of attacking minorities, and that was before the New Normal in which Racists Rule.

Fox Pundits Try To Mainstream ‘Alt Right’
Racists By Pretending There’s An ‘Alt Left’

‘Let Me Finish! This Is Ridiculous!’: Fox Panel
Gets Heated Over Black Lives Matter Protest

‘How many black kids need to be murdered?’:
Fox panel explodes over Black Lives Matter protests

On Fox & Friends: Homophobic Black
Bishop Trashes Black Community

Watch This Fox Guest Confront Host’s Bias
Over Black Lives Matter Black Friday Protests

WATTERS WHIRLED: As the issue of flag burning is being waved like a bloody shirt by Fox, Trump quickly jumped on the bandwagon. When Hampshire College found itself in its own flag flap, Bill O’Reilly sent out ambush pit bull Jesse Watters. Hilarity ensued:

Fox News’ Ambush Guy Jesse Watters Tries to
Ambush College President, Gets Cops Called on Him

Watch that segment and read what Loofah Lad thinks of his disciple:

“I thought you handled that well, with the guy. It’s the same old stuff. Yannow, these guys are cowards. He’s a coward. Uh, if had the courage of his convictions, he’d stand there with you and say this is why he did it and allow you to ask questions as a journalist would in a polite way. You were polite to him. So, umm, he’s a villain and a coward.”

Let’s unpack that, shall we?

  1. The coward is the man who jumps out of the shadows with a camera crew in a dark garage on private property;
  2. Jesse Watters is no journalist;
  3. Neither is Bill O’Reilly, for that matter;
  4. There is nothing polite about ambushing someone and refusing to take your foot out of their door.

Watters needs to be more careful. In some jurisdictions, that’s enough to get you shot to death.

BONUS FOX POINTS: ‘That Really Pisses Me Off!’: Fox Reporter Chases Down Union Rep For Blocking Interview

THE KELLY GUILE: Tons‘o’speculation this week as Megyn Kelly Back In Spotlight With Drudge Report She “May” Move To CNN. But, Don Kaplan says Megyn Kelly has no future at CNN, as he takes a well-earned shot at Fox:

But staying at Fox is a win-win situation for Kelly: she gets $20 million a year and they get to keep the “fair-haired and balanced” cred they’ve always claimed.

Even though it’s fake.


Former Fox Host: Andrea Tantaros Is Telling
The Truth About Sexual Harassment At Fox

HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: Some Foxites hide below the radar until their big mouth exposes them. Case in point:

Fox Host Dagen McDowell Says Obama Issued
Over 600 Executive Orders — He Didn’t (VIDEO)

Then during an interview in which Former Mexican President Vicente Fox [says he] Thinks Donald Trump Resembles Fidel Castro, McDowell embarrassed herself further:

“By the way, that kind of dictatorship, that kind of authoritarian leader, is very similar to Trump,” Fox said. “They lie, they cheat, they are false prophets, they promise many things but they are not going to be able to comply.”

McDowell interrupted Fox to say that comparing Trump to Castro is unacceptable because, she said, the Cuban leader “was a murdering thug who tortured people and imprisoned people.”

She asked Fox to “take back” his statement, but he flatly refused and repeated his charge that both men “impose their wills” upon their nation’s people.

As the segment ended, McDowell again condemned Fox’s comparison, saying it was “repugnant.”


THE TRUMPET SECTION: Fox “News” loves them some Trump:

Donald Trump’s First Cable News Appearance Is A Softball Interview With Sean HannityFox’s Eric Bolling Butters Up Potential Boss Trump With Falsehood About Ford SUVs That Even Fox DebunkedFox Tries To Legitimize Donald Trump’s Unhinged Twitter Meltdown Over RecountFox’s Trish Regan Credits Donald Trump For Rise In Holiday SpendingSean Hannity Takes Up Trump’s Anti-American Attacks On CNN Reporter Who Fact-Checked HimHannity Asks Trump About the ‘Sensitive’ College Students Upset at His VictoryBill O’Reilly Says ‘White Power Movement’ is a ‘Storyline That Simply Doesn’t Exist’Bill O’Reilly Defends Donald Trump’s Ties To White NationalistsO’Reilly Tries To Validate Trump’s Bogus Recount Tweet: California Wants ‘Illegal Aliens’ To VoteFox Host: Ripping Health Care Away From 20 Million Is “Acceptable” Because We “Have Emergency Rooms”

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT’S DUE: Or, even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

Fox’s Gutfeld: If Obama Took ‘Victory Lap’
Like Trump, ‘This Network Would Explode’

Fox Host Calls Out Colleagues’ Praise For Carrier
Deal: “They’re Losing More Jobs Than They’re Saving”

Fox host sounds off on Trump cabinet picks: ‘You
want to drain the swamp, start with Rudy Giuliani’

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