Jim Bakker: Hillary Supporters Get Earthquakes, Trump Supporters Buy Food Buckets Now!

Along with the rest of the Religious Right, Jim Bakker has never been very good at prophecy. You might remember his prediction from this spring that Christians were going to be machine-gunned for public prayer. That was a good one.

Hasn’t happened.

Since the election results came in, he is predicting that his god is going to kill a whole bunch of people because they didn’t vote for Donald Trump. Of course, innocent and guilty alike will be punished, because they happen to live in the counties that voted for Hillary Clinton.

Also hasn’t happened.

And fresh on the heels of that prophecy, he now says Trump supporters should by his food buckets now before anti-Trump riots sweep the nation, because,

“If you want to be safe and there’s rioting in your street, what are you going to do? Is your mom going to walk down through where they’re burning and killing and all?”

First God’s punishing strike at Hillary supporters: Pointing at an election map Bakker said,

“[I]f you live in the blue—any spot that’s blue—I would say, ‘Oh God, help me. Oh God forgive me.’ Because those are the ones who came against the will of God in this election.”

Watch courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

“I just want to tell you, God has spoken to me, I’ve seen under the ground in California, in LA, and God spoke to me that in Los Angeles alone there is going to be such an earthquake come that literally the big buildings will be laying on their sides, all of LA is going to collapse.”

Bakker’s cohost Zach Drew also saw California as the site of divinely ordained earthquakes:

“If you look at California, the east side of California is red by county and the west side is blue. And where do all of the fault lines, where do all the prophetic words happen to plant themselves? It’s on the far-west of the West Coast. It’s the blue. Now you got to understand, judgment is not coming for them because they voted for Hillary Clinton, it’s because they voted for a platform. They voted for a platform that is so incredibly pro-abortion, anti-Bible.”

O sweet baby Jesus…earthquakes in California? Really? That’s what prophecy comes down to these days? Earthquakes in California?

This just in: it will rain in Seattle. Meanwhile, those of you who voted for Trump, buy Bakker’s food buckets “before these riots come to a neighborhood near you.”

It’s amazing with God talking to him he can’t see the sea levels rising, or the planet heating. But hey, at least life will be like a Hollywood epic as those fleeing earthquakes run into those racing home with their food buckets.

You hate to think what will happen to all those folks who thought they were safe until the recount proved they were doomed. If they move quickly, can they escape God’s wrathiness, or will doom follow their footsteps to the nearest red county?

Worse yet, can they cound on the post office forwarding their food buckets?

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