Taiwan Call Debacle Proves Hillary Clinton Was Right: Trump Has No Idea What He’s Doing

Hillary Clinton warned America that Trump would cause global crisis and conflicts, and the president-elect’s bungled call to Taiwan proves that she was right.

Former Clinton press secretary Brian Fallon tweeted out Clinton’s warning about Trump not being up to the job:

In the video, Clinton warned, “Rather than solving global crises, he would create new ones. He has no sense of what it takes to deal with multiple countries with competing interests and reaching a solution that everyone can get behind. In fact, he is downright contemptuous of that work and that means he’s much more likely to end up leading us into conflict.”

Trump did lead the country into a new global crisis and conflict with his call to Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen. It is being reported that the Trump team set up the call in with the Taiwan government. This isn’t some brilliant strategy. The call was another sign that the there is going to be a man in the White House who doesn’t have a clue.

The Chinese are expressing their outrage, and have claimed that Trump is someone who was easily tricked because he knows nothing about foreign policy.

Hillary Clinton was correct. Donald Trump is a thin-skinned easily flattered know nothing who is dangerous to America’s national security and foreign policy. It is a national embarrassment to see Republicans line up behind Trump and treat his mistakes like steps on a strategic path to greatness.

The American people are going to regret that they did not listen to Former Sec. of State Clinton’s warnings because Trump hasn’t even been sworn into office yet and he is already causing diplomatic chaos.