Alec Baldwin Offers To Stop Doing His SNL Impression If Trump Releases His Tax Returns

After President-elect Donald Trump complained about Alec Baldwin’s impression of him on Saturday Night Live, the actor offered to stop doing the impression if Trump would release his tax returns.

In the latest SNL sketch to earn the President-elect’s wrath, the show parodied Trump’s obsession with tweeting instead of preparing for the White House:

The show picked on Trump for tweeting during national security briefings and his explosion at the media for using a picture of him that he doesn’t like on television.

Trump proved the show right, by whining on Twitter about the sketch:

Baldwin delivered the perfect reply:

Since Trump loves to reward bad behavior, as in the Carrier deal, Baldwin made him an offer that should be right up his alley. All Trump has to do is release his tax returns and the actor will stop doing the impression that is obviously too real and hits too close to home for the incoming president to tolerate.

Trump’s consistent flying off the handle over the Alec Baldwin impression does not bode well for how he is going to handle dealing with the rest of the world. Foreign leaders have already caught on that they can get whatever they want simply by flattering the ego of the president-elect.

Alec Baldwin’s response won’t stop Trump from criticizing him, but it is interesting that the next president dropped the subject as soon as his tax returns were brought into the conversation. Baldwin just showed the rest of America how to shut up Twitter bully Donald Trump.