Kurt Eichenwald Calls Out Trump on Boeing Lies, Market Manipulation, and Abuse of Power

Kurt Eichenwald embarked on a twitter storm this afternoon to rip into Donald Trump over his unsubstantiated attack on Boeing. The whole claim of overruns is a lie, says Eichenwald:

Eichenwald went on to ask Trump supporters to “Explain how a 3-wk old contract has $4B in cost overruns. Trump is lying because Boeing said something he didnt like.”

Then come the other problems that arise from his lies:

Not to mention stock market manipulation:

The lies and possible fraud and market manipulation are only the beginning. Awful as these charges are, and however damaging to Boeing, there are many more companies and individuals who can be hurt going forward once Trump is sitting in the Oval Office. There is the abuse of power factor:

Far more serious for what all this means going forward into four years of a Trump administration is a Congress that lacks the spine to even pretend to investigate actual Trump scandals while working overtime at invented Obama and Clinton scandals:

Yeah. That’s not gonna happen.

This is how Trump has functioned all along, of course, intimidating critics and even destroying them. Now, about to become the most powerful man on earth, the dangers his reckless and vindictive behavior poses is breathtaking. This is only the beginning. It won’t be the end.

As he has so often before, out of spite or sheer vindictiveness, Trump simply lied without worry over the consequences for others. He did what he has done so often before: he made sure none of the fallout fell on him and the devil take the hindmost.