Trump’s Bogus Carrier Deal Gets Even Worse As Only 730 Jobs Will Be Saved

President-elect Trump claimed to have saved 1,100 jobs at the Carrier plant in Indianapolis, IN, but workers have been notified that as of right now, only 730 jobs will be staying in the US. 1,233 jobs will be moving to Mexico.

WTHR in Indianapolis reported:

“We found out today that more jobs are leaving than what we originally thought,” Bray said. “It seemed like since Thursday, it was 1,100 then it was maybe 900 and then now we’re at 700. So I’m hoping it doesn’t go any lower than that.”

Union workers got a letter at the plant saying Trump’s deal with Carrier will save only 730 factory jobs in Indianapolis, plus 70 salaried positions – 553 jobs in the plant’s fan coil lines are still moving to Monterrey, Mexico.

All 700 workers at Carrier’s Huntington plant will also lose their jobs.

United Technologies, Carrier’s parent company, is still getting $7 million in taxpayer money over the next decade, but apparently the president and vice-president elect got no firm commitment on the number of jobs that are staying in the United States. The number of jobs that are not going to Mexico continues to drop.

The Carrier deal was a sham. Many conservatives are privately biting their tongues, but a few will admit that what Trump ad Pence did is crony capitalism. The deal reeks of the worst kind of special interest corruption and upward redistribution of wealth.

The national television cameras are long gone from the Carrier plant, but the reality is that workers still don’t know how many jobs are staying. The number of jobs being sent to Mexico is continuing to grow by the day.

Trump lied about the Carrier deal, and a president-elect who will lie for the sake of a little good publicity won’t have any trouble lying about matters of war and peace.

Carrier got some corporate welfare, Trump got his publicity stunt, and the workers at Carrier are continuing to get screwed.

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