Bernie Sanders Calls On Millions Of Americans To Stand Together In Protest Against Trump

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is urging millions of Americans to stand together in protest of the agenda of President-elect Donald Trump.

Sanders discussed the need for united protest against Trump in a statement:

Citing several recent victories, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) thanked striking workers Wednesday for proving the power of protest to make progress under President-elect Donald Trump.

Five years ago, if anybody in America said that folks would be talking and cities would be passing a $15 an hour minimum wage, people would have said you’re crazy, it can’t be done. But you did it. Millions of workers have received significant pay increases because of your efforts. Thank you for what you’ve done. Today we tell the United States Congress that we have got to go further. We want every worker in this country to earn at least $15 an hour and have a union.


We’re telling Mr. Trump and anybody else that when millions of us stand together, we are going to win. Nobody is going to stop us.

Sen Sanders was correct. There is only one effective way to stand up against the Trump agenda. Democrats won’t have any majority power in Congress or the occupant of the White House on their side. Effectiveness will require the grassroots mobilization of millions of Americans.

The battle will be long, and progress will only come through committed struggle, but it is going to take a popular rebellion to make Republicans and Trump pay dearly for the agenda that they are flirting with enacting.

It is going to take an army of regular Americans to resist the Koch and corporatist agenda that will dominate the Trump administration.

Sen. Sanders isn’t just saying words. The Senator from Vermont is issuing a call to action.