In a Bizarre Video, Trump’s Pal Alex Jones Defends ‘Pizzagate’ Truthers

It is hardly a surprise in our post-fact world that those most productively purveying fake news are pretending to be the champions of truth. The world has rolled over and gone belly up with Trump’s election and nothing should surprise us.

We have seen the son of Trump’s national security adviser lose his job because he spread fake news that almost led to a shooting, but we’ve seen no sign of remorse or disavowal from the Trump camp, and we won’t.

Alex Jones took to his Facebook page to attack the mainstream media’s coverage of these events. He released a rambling, incoherent and unnecessarily hyperbolic video about ‘Pizzagate’ and his search for truth, which must be a code-word for his deranged fantasies.

In the video, he told his audience that “globalists” are into “weird-ass crap,” as though porn wasn’t kind in the Evangelical South. He used the language his right-wing audience could understand, like “blood-drinking” and “black magic.”

Watch the bizarre video courtesy of Right Wing Watch. Jones talked at length about cleanliness. Warning: You may feel the need for a shower after watching this:

He said the “New Media” (e.g. fake news shows like his) has “a responsibility to be better than the establishment media.” Bad as the establishment media is and has been, he’s aiming high, simply because he is starting at a level somewhere below the bottom where the Breitbarts of the world dwell.

Jones should be so lucky as to be as reliable as the mainstream media. So there is Jones by the Christmas tree telling us, straight-faced at his crazy best, that “I always try to tell the truth.” He even quoted Spider-Man: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Never mind that many people said similar things long before Spider-Man in 1962, from a 1793 decree made by the French National Convention to FDR. Not that Jones would ever cite liberal sources.

Jones wants you to believe that he’s got the real news and that everybody else is selling the fake stuff. That suits Trump and his fact-free world just fine. It’s easy to see why he and Jones get along. Both men know their audience is hungry for information more congenial to their wishful thinking than actual facts can provide.

It is a scary foray into the increasingly imaginary world begun with the Fox News bubble. If conservatives seemed lost to our shared reality before, it is much worse now. Keep in mind as you watch this video that this is a man who is very close to the man about to be sitting in the Oval Office.