Americans Reject Trump By Giving Him The Lowest Approval Rating Of Any President-Elect

The majority of the country did not vote for Donald Trump and according to a new Pew poll have given him the lowest approval rating of any president-elect in 27 years.

According to Pew:

Trump is nearly ten points less popular that George W. Bush was after the 2000 election. There has not been a recent president less popular than Trump. The partisan divide in the country has only grown deeper as Trump has a 15% approval rating with Democrats when it comes to his transition and explaining his plans and policies for the future. Trump’s approval rating with Republicans (79%) is on par with George W. Bush’s (79%) in 2001. Trump is also generating nearly 20 points less enthusiasm for his cabinet choices than any previous president-elect.

The warning signs are very flashing brightly for Trump and the Republican Party. Donald Trump will take the oath of office as the least popular incoming president in the history of polling. Trump isn’t getting a bounce. The nation isn’t warming up to him and his policies. Fifty-four percent of the country voted against Trump, but instead of trying to appeal to the majority, the Trump transition has been focused on loading up his cabinet with unqualified cronies and misfits who oppose the agencies that they will be overseeing.

Nearly 60% of the country isn’t buying it. In fact, they are rejecting President-elect Donald J. Trump.

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