Eichenwald Gives Voice to Our Horror: ‘That’s it. America is done. We stand 4 nothing’

Kurt Eichenwald destroyed Donald Trump for his attack on Boeing the other day. Now he has unleashed on the president-elect over his role as producer of NBC’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” pointing first of all to the insanity of a president producing a TV show.

“Trump fans,” he asks. “How will he be making America great again while executive producing a TV show? And getting paid by corporations while president?”

Imagine what conservatives would have said about President Obama doing the same. Oh wait:

“God. Some GOPrs already defending Trump executive producing The Apprentice while President. That’s it. America is done. We stand 4 nothing.”

If the whole Trump as president thing hasn’t seemed surreal enough to you, just hang on. Eichenwald is obviously feeling our pain as he comes to grips with the fact that yes, this is really happening:

“This is the moment. Right now. I feel like we have descended into a fantasy world. Trump will be producing a TV show. America has no rules.

“Isn’t part of draining the swamp not taking payments from corporations that have interests in government?”

Well, remember, Trump told us he’s “not like other people” and that he is above the law and while Eichenwald is undoubtedly right, it’s not as if we don’t have a Congress full of people taking money from fossil fuel companies. Trump is just being more blatant about it.

Eichenwald had to know as he typed it what a doleful plea for sanity his next tweet was, and how unlikely it was his wish would be granted:

“If USA & GOP going 2 saved from this @realDonaldTrump insanity, @Schwarzenegger must resign from Celebrity Apprentice so it can be canceled.”

Schwarzenegger the Republican showman who was a star of Hollywood blockbusters and parlayed that into the governorship of California, save us from insanity? Not happening. The Governator may be getting told old to terminate but he’s not too old for cigar chomping, toothy smiles, and bombast.

We knew all through this election that Trump needed the salary the presidency offered because a guy who relies on spending other people’s money doesn’t have any of his own, not that Eichenwald’s conclusion is unreasonable from an ethical standpoint:

“Obviously @realDonaldTrump is much poorer than he has claimed. No rich man would forever stain the presidency for $ from a reality TV show…If @realDonaldTrump needs the money – which he obviously must — he should take his presidential salary rather than bribes from MGM and NBC.”

It’s possible Eichenwald has a hopelessly optimistic view of rich men. The proof is in the pudding: The Republican Party is full of them.

And, of course, Trump more has any familiarity with ethics than he does a passing familiarity with the concept of facts.

And Eichenwald had a last word for Republicans defending Trump:

“GOPrs: Do NOT defend Trump taking $ from corporations & working with reality TV show while president. It’s indefensible. U look like fools.”

Well, to be fair, look at the company they keep. Just sayin’.

This is just wishful thinking but it’s a wish many of us can get behind:

“Get ready: @MGM_Studios and @NBC will soon be indicted 4 bribing president of the united states. We have the quid. Just need the pro quo.”

Eichenwald asked, “Who will be president?” Well, that was always the question, wasn’t it?

When Trump’s son, Donald Jr, asked Kasich to be VP he told the governor of Ohio the VP would be in charge of both foreign and domestic policy.

When asked by Kasich what Trump would be doing, he was told, “Making America great again.”

Trump never really intended to do anything. Eichenwald’s suggestion might lure Trump to an intelligence briefing but who would risk betting on it? Probably not many.

Eichenwald calls the Trump presidency a fantasy world but it’s really a nightmare or an acid trip none of us wanted to take. Well, except for those people who hate reality that much. We all know some of them.

They’re going to enjoy themselves at our expense now. We just have to retain our own sanity for four years. Then this descent into hell will end, unless, by then, the Constitution isn’t controlling the ride anymore…

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