Trump’s Carrier Lie Exposed As There Is No Guarantee That Jobs Will Stay In The US

The union leader for the Indianapolis Carrier plant where Trump supposedly saved jobs said in an interview that there is no guarantee that the jobs are going to stay in the US.


The union leader for the Carrier plant, Chuck Jones, said during an interview on MSNBC’s AM Joy, “When they kept reporting that 1,100 jobs would be saved, they did not mention 550 were going to Monterrey, Mexico it gave a lot of hope to a lot of our members of a very good possibility they would be able to retain their jobs. ”

Reid asked if Jones had any guarantees or assurances from Carrier that the jobs are permanent. Jones answered, “No. I don’t know what their intentions is. We’ve heard no guarantees on if they are staying for what period of time, or if in fact, they will be ultimately phased out. We don’t know what their strategy going forward is.”
Trump promised 1,100 jobs were staying in the United States, but only 730 jobs are staying, and the kicker is that Trump and Mike Pence never got a guarantee from Carrier that the “saved jobs” will actually stay in the United States.

Carrier could take the tax breaks and incentives for a year or two and still pick up the plant and move it to Mexico. There is nothing in the deal that Trump and Pence made to prevent them from shipping those jobs out whenever they please.

The Carrier deal is increasing looking like an empty publicity stunt by Donald Trump that will give Carrier millions of taxpayer dollars, allow the company to still immediately move jobs to Mexico, and leaves the option for the jobs that are still in the US to also be shipped out.

In short, what Trump has authored is the art of the bad deal.