Yes, We’re All Pretty Much Horrified That Putin, Not America, Elected Trump

John Fugelsang pointed out today that “#RussianHackers remind you it’s not un-American if it makes you feel good.” They also remind us what it is like to feel soiled. You have only to look at the image of Donald Trump provided by Fugelsang to share that feeling.

To be more precise, Paul Krugman offered us this reaction to the past few days:

So, as he says, “we’ll have a president who lost the pop vote by 2.1%, got in thanks to FBI and Putin. And supporters will demand respect. Um, no.”

Fox News, of course, says we’re all just guilty of sour grapes, you know because we’re upset a foreign leader go to elect our president instead of us. They call a legitimate review of the evidence “moving backwards,” which is neither grammatically nor factually true.

Although…given that conservatism is based on the idea of moving backward rather than forward, you’d think they would approve rather than object.

We’re dealing with a lot here, obviously, not least of which is the proposition that anything you want to be true is suddenly more true than what is true as the Times wants you to notice:

I think it’s a big grand to think of Trump’s lies as “a priori” assumptions (diabolical machinations would be more accurate) but point taken.

George Takei’s take is a valid one, though it remains to be seen whether that bulwark against demagogues, the Electoral College, will see it that way:

The absurdity of what we have witnessed is not lost on anyone with a functioning mind:

Obviously, blame must be assigned and it is entirely possible, it turns out, to blame Sarah Palin for the whole shebang:

Great as it would be to let the blame rest on Sarah Palin, we cannot exonerate the attack on our democratic process executed by Donald Trump and his ally in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin. Putin is in the process of being rewarded by Trump for the coup, and all that any of us can hope for now is that the Electoral College is as horrified as the rest of us.