Reince Priebus Says Morning Joe’s Joe and Mika ‘Speak Frequently’ to Trump

Conflicts of interest are going around – all around Trump and his cabinet and the mainstream media that covers him. Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have a long association with Donald Trump and despite occasional criticisms directed at Trump during the campaign, they seem now to be firmly back in the warm bosom of Trump Tower, as Reince Priebus revealed this morning on Morning Joe.

Watch courtesy of Media Matters:

NICK CONFESSORE: Chairman, just to follow up, is the president-elect’s view that we should keep sanctions [against Russia] in place or not?
REINCE PRIEBUS: Well that’s something — look, here’s what I would say. I am not prepared to outline our foreign policy to you, but —
CONFESSORE: You’re not sure right now?
PRIEBUS: Well here’s what I would tell you, if you’re going to have sanctions in place, they need to be enforced. That I can tell you for sure is something that he believes in, and as far as where that product goes next, you have to just wait and see. I mean we’re just getting our cabinet put together now, and as I think [the] president-elect outlined many times over the last six weeks, sitting down with our generals, sitting down with our leadership, formulating our policy, and revealing that to the American people will be the first order of business.
MIKA BRZEZINSKI: John Bolton, is he in consideration for deputy secretary of state?
PRIEBUS: Well look I think everything is in consideration, Mika. We’re not eliminating people, and I’m certainly not going to announce the elimination of folks right now.
BRZEZINSKI: Why not? Why don’t you start here?
JOE SCARBOROUGH: We will give you a whiteboard the next time you come. You can just draw a line through names in real time. I’m excited.
PRIEBUS: Right. But here’s – you know that President-elect Trump — and I know you all speak frequently — and Rex Tillerson and others in the entire team are going to sit down with Vice President-elect [Mike] Pence and make those decisions, and they’re coming soon, but not imminent.

It leaves you wondering why Morning Joe would bother having guests on to talk about the inner workings of the Trump transition team when they can just tell us themselves from a first person standpoint. Their relationship with Trump, though MSNBC seems to want to ignore it, leaves the matter in no doubt.

The show has already been outed as the propaganda outlet it is, and it is past time MSBNC address the issue in an open and forthright manner or lose any remaining credibility as a news source.

Perhaps it’s time MSNBC just move the show over to Fox News where it belongs.