Trump Uses Kanye West To Distract From Growing Russia Election Scandal

As he is being swallowed by a scandal involving Russia meddling in the election to help him win, Donald Trump tried desperately to distract the press and change the subject by trotting out Kanye West in front of the cameras.

It was such an obvious attempt at generating a little good PR on cable news for the president-elect:

E! News had an inside source at the meeting, “The “Jesus Walks” rapper met with Trump to discuss becoming an ‘ambassador of sorts,’ a source close to West tells E! News. The source adds that Trump is interested in getting West involved in an ‘entrepreneurial leadership role.’ As for how the meeting came about, the insider tells us that Trump’s team reached out to West. ‘Trump thinks he’s a great role model when it comes to business,’ the insider adds.”

The Kanye stunt was straight out of the Trump playbook. The president-elect can’t stand bad cable news coverage, so with the Russia election interference scandal growing by the day, Trump had to do something to get the dogs off the scent.

His answer was to trot out a performer who it was reported spent a week in the hospital after a mental breakdown. The two gentleman got together and as West made it clear, he was just there to take pictures for the media.

If one judges the seriousness of the scandal by the level of the celebrity Trump enlists to distract, the Russia election scandal is a very big deal.

The American people need to see through Trump’s distractions and tricks.

Trump is getting bad cable news coverage, so out comes Kanye West.

Don’t take your eye off the ball, and keep demanding answers Russia’s interference in the election to help Trump.