Elizabeth Warren Building Toward 2020 Run With New Senate Armed Services Post

Massachusetts senator and progressive star Elizabeth Warren announced on Wednesday that she will be serving on the Senate Armed Services Committee in the next Congress – a sign that Warren is looking to expand her resume beyond the economic issues that have defined her political rise.

The Armed Services committee deals with matters involving military policy and defense spending. The committee will also weigh in on many of Donald Trump’s Pentagon appointments. Not only will this help Warren build foreign policy chops, but it could also give her a chance to repeatedly act as a high-profile opponent to Trump’s White House.

Of course, it’s no certainty that Warren is taking the new role as a ladder toward a presidential run, but if she is planning to launch a candidacy in four years, this is a smart move in bolstering her credentials.

A new and premature poll released Wednesday by Public Policy Polling shows that, at the moment, Warren’s biggest potential primary foes are outgoing Vice President Joe Biden and former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who have healthy leads over her in a hypothetical primary matchup.


In recent days, Biden has suggested that he is strongly considering a presidential run in 2020, despite the fact that he would be 78 years old in four years. Sanders, too, has been highly visible since the Nov. 8 election, perhaps an indication that he isn’t ready to give up his presidential ambitions either.

For Warren, though, her move to spend the next several years building up the weakest part of her portfolio – foreign policy – could pay dividends in the long run and make her a formidable candidate in a Democratic primary and general election campaign against Donald Trump.

Not to mention, of course, that very few people get under the president-elect’s thin skin quite like Elizabeth Warren, who offered some of the most bruising attacks on Trump throughout the 2016 campaign.

Her presence on this important committee should bring comfort to progressives all across America – and will likely give the Trump team heartburn.