Republican Senator Falls Apart And Can’t Name A Single Time That Trump Criticized Putin


CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) if he could name a single time that Trump criticized Putin. Sen. Johnson immediately broke into a song and dance about Trump will operate from a position of strength and everything is Obama’s fault.



Tapper asked Sen. Johnson if could name a time when Trump criticized Putin.

Sen. Johnson completely avoided the question, “Well, what I’ve heard him say is that he wants to strengthen our economy. He wants to stop hollowing our military. He wants to actual defeat ISIS and secure our borders. That is operating from a position of strength, and let’s face it, President Obama’s strategy of peace through withdrawal has been a miserable failure.”

Tapper followed up and asked Johnson why he thought that he thought Trump would take on Putin when he has never criticized him.

Johnson said, “Well again, I can only speak for myself.” He then said that his guess is that once Trump assumes the presidency and he gets all of the information, he should be wary of Russia.

Tapper pointed out that Johnson never answered the question, and Sen. Johnson said, “I’m not an encyclopedia.”

The reality is that Republican Senators like Ron Johnson are turning a blind eye to the evidence that suggests that the president-elect is a Putin puppet. Johnson couldn’t name a single time that Trump has criticized Russia and Putin because it has never happened. Trump has gone out of his way to defend Russia and Putin on a regular basis.

Republican members of Congress will be complicit in any crimes or damage that Trump does to the United States as president because they placed partisan politics ahead of what is best for the country. Republicans don’t care that Trump is handing over the country to Putin because they are the majority.

Johnson fell apart, and couldn’t answer Tapper’s question, but more importantly the Senator from Wisconsin’s answers revealed that Republicans have sold out America for partisan political gain.